Thermal Properties Optimization

Properly managed, heat treatments can optimize nearly all of the thermal properties of nitinol.  This includes, but is not limited to, thermal conductivity, specific heat, and critical temperatures.  By altering the heat treatment profile, we can make your parts do exactly what you want, exactly when you want it to happen.

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Shape Setting

Establishing the memory shape of a nitinol component is the core purpose of heat treating nitinol.  The memory shape is established by holding the nitinol in the shape that you need it to be and then heat treating it.  We have general purpose jig plates, with screws on 1cm centers, for making simple, two dimensional prototypes or we can design and manufacture complex fixtures to make any part that you need, no matter how sophisticated it may be.

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Mechanical Properties

Through proper heat treatments, the mechanical properties such as recovery force, stiffness, fatigue life, strain to failure, and just about every other property can be honed in on.  We have built single use actuators that recover 250% strain and we have built actuators with service life exceeding 100 million cycles.  What will we build for you?

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