Actuators are essential components of motion control in systems of all sorts. Typically there are two types of actuators: linear actuators, such as solenoids and hydraulic cylinders, and rotational actuators, such as servo motors.  These actuators can be combined together with other mechanical systems to produce just about any motion path.

Nitinol is a natural actuator.  Moving a system from one state to another state is exactly what the shape memory effect is.  Our linear actuators are manufactured with Grade 5 titanium terminals perfectly attached with a computer controlled laser welder onto the end of a bar, wire, or spring (there are many terminations that a spring can have).  We can custom make the terminals to meet the attachment needs of your project.  One of the benefits of using nitinol as a linear actuator is that the force is nearly ten times that of hydraulics.  This allows you to dramatically reduce package size and system weight. Additionally, on a basis of force, nitinol actuators frequently come with a smaller price tag than other technologies.

Rotary actuation is accomplished through the use of torsion springs.  When designing these actuators, the angle of displacement is increased by increasing the number of wraps of wire and torque is increased by increasing the wire size or by decreasing the inside diameter of the spring.

The most exciting application of nitinol actuators, however, is that of complex motion.  Unlike traditional systems, you don’t have to use heavy, complex, failure prone systems to translate linear and rotational motion into the complex motion path that you need—you can simply have one nitinol actuator do it for you.  Imagine the immense weight savings and cost savings that lie in store for your project!

Nitinol actuators can be controlled by either the environmental temperature or electrically.  If you choose electrical control and you wish to solder the electrical connection, we can electroplate the actuator with copper. Our process is so effective that the solder is always the failure point.

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