Mass Production

When transferring a project from R&D to production, there are three things that matter: communication, quality, and price.  Communication is critical because, if manufacturing cannot replicate what was done in R&D, then the product will not be what is designed.  While these communication problems often exist within companies, the problem is exasperated when the company handling R&D is different from the one handling production.  For this reason, it is critical to choose a nitinol company that can both design and manufacture your product.  We are that company. In order to maintain high standards of quality while keeping costs to an absolute minimum, we utilize very high levels of automation.  Whether it is wire routing onto fixtures for shape setting or loading and unloading parts on a laser welder, our robots ensure precise part placement without incurring high labor costs. We have factories in both the US and in China to support your manufacturing needs.  If you would like to schedule a tour to examine our capabilities, feel free to call one of our applications engineers at 855-583-5353, Option #2 or