Temperature control

Temperature control applications is one of the fastest growing sectors for nitinol applications. Historically, in order to control the temperature at which a motion occurs, you had two options.  The first is to use a bimetallic strip, but these are low strength and inaccurate, generally making them a poor solution. The second is to use a thermocouple monitored by a microcontroller, which activates an actuator.  However, this is a rather expensive solution, making it infeasible for many projects.  If you need something to occur at a specific temperature, then a nitinol component can make that happen.

Nitinol components can be designed to be either a one-way component or a two-way component.  A one-way component requires a biasing mechanism to return it to its original position whereas a two-way component will fully reset by itself.  This permits you to have a fully passive component control your system.  The nitinol component usually occupies less volume than other solutions and often costs less (especially if you count energy costs) with a higher reliability.  This is especially true in systems that require complex motion.

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