Drawing and Rolling

Drawing and rolling are the processes by which nitinol raw materials are produced from ingot.  Wire is drawn through a die while rods, bars, and sheets are rolled through a pair of rollers to obtain the final geometry. The two processes yield different microstructures, which give different mechanical properties, so properly choosing your technology is important.

While we have fully automated drawing and rolling plants, which are capable of producing large volumes of finished product in a single pass, we also have lab scale wire draws and rolling mills that can be used to produce a small volume of material to limit your capital outlay.

Do you need a complex geometry, such as a star-shaped cross section?  You can rely on our expertise to deliver high quality materials to you the first time and every time.

Are you interested in custom made nitinol?  Start the conversation by contacting your applications engineer at 855-583-5353, Option #2 or nitinol@KelloggsResearchLabs.com.