Single use actuator

Single use actuators are a special class in and of themselves because they only need to work once.  An everyday example of single use actuators is the red indicator that tells you when the Thanksgiving turkey is cooked. Once it is used, you simply throw it out and buy a new one. 

Since they only need to work once, a different set of rules applies to single use actuators. Typically, single use actuators are designed for maximum displacement and/or maximum force so that they can do the most work in the smallest possible package.  Traditionally, designs included numerous components to make up the actuator and then a sacrificial component that melted at a specific temperature. With nitinol, this whole system can be replaced by a single component.

Designing Single Use Actuators:Typically, with nitinol actuators, in order to maintain a good fatigue life, they are designed for 3-5% strain (deformation).  With single use actuators, we have built actuators that have recovered over 250% strain.  Imagine what that will do for your product.

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