Shape-Changing Art

Shape-Changing art

Art is our expression of emotion, creativity, and thought.  By integrating nitinol into a sculpture, an artist can create shape-changing art  As a result, a sculpture that changes shape with human touch. Even a sculpture that is one form on a cloudy day but a brighter form on a sunny day. Shape changing art allows a piece to become living and reactive to its surroundings. This is most often accomplished using wires or springs, but it can be accomplished using any kind of nitinol such as plates.

Through careful control of the material production, nitinol varies the temperature it will react. This temperature range can vary from -150℉(-100℃) to 300℉(150℃). We also can cause the nitinol to move gradually over a wide range of temperature or quickly over a narrow band. Just think of all of the possibilities that this holds in store for you! To learn more about transition temperatures read our article What is Transition Temperature.

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