consumer products

Nitinol is an excellent choice for consumer products that want to exhibit high quality while remaining budget friendly for the maximum number of customers. We build anti-scald valves for numerous customers around the globe.  Temperature regulation for coffee makers, headbands for headphones, auto locking doors, and antennas for wireless devices are just a few of the many applications that our nitinol is used for. 

Using nitinol as a vibration dampener will cause your product to run quieter and last longer.  How much more value would your customers associate with your product if it ran for 25 years instead of 5 years and half as loud?  Would you increase your margins or would you simply take a larger share of the market?

Embedding nitinol into injection moldings used to be considered extremely difficult because the nitinol moves when the molten plastic is injected.  You can rely on our experience to make the wire in your moldings come out perfect every time, regardless of the complexity.

Are you ready to launch a revolutionary new consumer product?  Feel free to contact your applications engineer at 855-583-5353, Option #2 or Nitinol@KelloggsResearchLabs.comto begin the process.

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