Physical Vapor Deposition

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is a process by which a coating is built up on the nitinol by depositing the coating, one atom at a time.  This careful process allows the construction of atomically perfect coatings on your nitinol.  Using PVD, we can gold plate parts for radiopacity without experiencing any embrittlement that is common with electroplating.  Additionally, the adhesion is nearly perfect after PVD, allowing you to design parts that experience extreme deformations without concern of the coating peeling off.

What coatings can be applied?  The short answer is, just about anything.  Almost any inorganic material and many organic materials can be deposited onto your nitinol by PVD.  Think of the opportunities that this technology can open for your project!

We have both lab scale PVD systems and production scale PVD.  This means that we can make one part or we can make millions of parts, coated to your specification.  Our production PVD equipment is the largest in the nitinol industry, meaning that we can keep your costs as low as possible with the highest imaginable quality.

If you are interested in using PVD as part of your product, feel free to contact one of our applications engineers at 855-583-5353 , Option #2 or to begin the conversation.

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