Job Openings

Research Intern

Kellogg’s Research Labs, Southern NH

Project Description:
Kellogg's Research Labs is a start-up company formed for the purpose of finding applications for shape memory alloys (SMA).  As a part of this, KRL has developed a proof of concept model of a generator which can create electricity from the daily cycle of air temperature.  The project at hand is to study the most cost effective option(s) for installing the SMA into the generator.  Once this hurdle is surpassed, the remainder of the systems will be scaled down to power sensor platforms that are used by farmers to optimize crop output in their fields.

Job Description:
The Research Intern must be able to follow detailed experimental plans and understand the basic difference between good data and bad data. Sample preparation and test stand alterations are frequent tasks.  Must be able to work in a laboratory environment.  Technical expertise in SMA is NOT expected.

Duration: 3-6 month, May –December 2015

Education Requirements: College Junior and Senior.  Graduate students preferred.  Major in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Physics or similar backgrounds.

Desired skills:
Proficiency with CAD. 

Proficiency with machine shop equipment.
Experience in one or more types of welding.

Computer programming, preferably with experience in writing simulation programs. 

Comfort with basic mathematical concepts is an absolute must. 

A desire for continuous improvement is an absolute must. 

More important than all of these skills combined is a deep seated, intuitive understanding of your field of study.


If interested, please send resume to



Marketing Intern:


Kellogg's Research Labs is a start-up company specializing in developing cutting edge applications of nitinol shape memory alloys (SMA).  SMA is different from normal materials in that, when deformed, it returns to its original shape when heated.  The company is filing 2-3 patents per year, documenting discoveries and new product development.  With a new product launch scheduled for each of the next three years, the company is poised for explosive growth.


The prospective intern must help pilot market entry for new products.  This includes conducting market research, managing digital and print advertising, and onsite events (trade show, other).  Product packaging is a significant portion of the job.  The intern will work with staff scientists to develop products so that they are best received by the customer.  This intern should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment, and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of marketing.  Backward planning is an essential skill.


BS/BA or in progress.

Familiarity with one or more graphic design package.

Background or interest in science and technology.

Epic outside the box thinking.

Self-motivated, goal oriented, and highly organized.


MBA or in progress

Portfolio of past work (academic is acceptable)

Experience in market research, packaging development, and product development.

Experience in trade show exhibition planning.