Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Nitinol is an anisotropic, nonlinear material, with properties that can be varied dramatically during the manufacturing process.  We understand if you find that it is a little difficult to bring your concept to fruition.  That is why we would like to make our full suite of laboratory tools available to speed your product development process.

Once your product has passed through your rigorous beta testing, take advantage of our array of automated production equipment to drive your manufacturing costs down!  Do you need an exceptionally large nitinol assembly?  Not to worry, our meter scale furnace can handle whatever you need.

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Cut Charge for Nitinol Rod

We can cut the Nitinol Rods into your desired length from 1mm to 2000mm.  Please choose how man..


Rods Heat Treatment (per batch)

This Nitinol rod is formulated to have a certain transformation temperature. However, giv..


Waste Heat

Kellogg’s Research Labs Utilities Consortium 1.      Purpose:..


Welded Nitinol Loops - 1mm wire

For many heat engine designs. We only weld wire diameter 1mm and above.Lead time: 2-3..