Nitinol Springs

Nitinol Springs

Nitinol springs are the world's smallest and lightest linear actuators.  With over 100,000 part numbers, most of which ship the same day or next day, you're sure to find the spring that fits your needs and get it fast.

Are you not quite sure which part numbers fit your needs?  Send us an email or give us a call and we’ll connect you with the spring that you need—saving you time and money!

In addition to helical springs, which generate linear motion, we also have torsion springs for rotary motion and flat springs, which provide linear actuation in a two-dimensional package!

If for some reason, we do not have the spring geometry that fits your needs, our machine shop can turn out tooling quickly and accurately to make what you need.

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Flat Spring

Flat nitinol springs have the same actuation capabilities as helical nitinol springs, but in a 2D fo..


Torsion Spring

Nitinol torsion springs are unique in that they create rotary motion.  If you need bidirectiona..