Nitinol Rods (100mm)

Nitinol Rods (100mm)

High Temp rods are now available in 16mm diameter.  Just request High Temp rods in the comments box.

This Nitinol rod have been cold rolled in such a way that the crystallographic orientation is along the length of the rod.    This amplifies the shape memory effect by 20% over amorphous nitinol.

Transition Temperature: The rods are formulated to have a certain transformation temperature. However, given the appropriate heat treatments, the transition temperature can be fine tuned, allowing you to use it in pretty much any way you like.  To train the rods into a certain transition temperature, you can purchase the option in " Rod Heat Treatment" listing.

Rod Length: Listing price is for 100 mm length, if you purchase multiple, we'll send you a continuous length, max order-able length is 1.5 m.  If you have certain length requirement, please specify in the comments box above and purchase the cutting service in the "Rod Cutting" listing, first cut is always free.  

For example, if you want three 300 mm rods, then purchase 9 in this listing and purchase 1 in the "Rod Cutting" listing (it requires 2 cutting for a 900 mm rod to be cut into 3 300 mm rods and the first cut is free). 

Shape memory settingPlease notify the rod has not been trained or heat treated to have a set shape. Suggested treatment for this rod is heating it at 500 for 10-15 minutes and then quench in cold water.  We offer Shape Set in our lab, please purchase the option in the "Custom Shape" listing, or simply email us your requirement:

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